3. April 2018


As the final snowflakes were falling, the “red way” was rolled out, traversing the wide open space directly to the old gate. The outdoor area behind it and the large packing warehouse will serve as venue for a number of events between now and fall: workshops, indoor skating, shows and concerts.

Left hand of the path, springtime is ushered in with urban gardening while on the right-hand side of the way a children’s theatre is pitching its tents. In April and May, the Jungle Book will be staged here, organised by Theater Zauberwald Märchenpalast. For details, go to the website

In and around the packaging warehouse, the young artists market “Urban Artwalk” will present itself in a second round, including works by Moe, TBA, Herr Sieh and others. Among the works will be live paintings and urban art not yet published. For the very young, there will be fun and games and a number of surprises. And if you feel more like culinary delights, there will be regional delicacies to sample. Everyone welcome! — Organised by: Neue urbane Welten e. V. (NuW), visit on Facebook