4. January 2018


A Feast for Eyes and Palate in December

In December, the “Advent Market of Young Arts” took place at the former logistics warehouse. While coffee and crêpes were served outside, a large number of artworks were on display inside: acrylic paintings, photographs and street art by artists from Berlin, Spandau and elsewhere, including Milla Kersten, Marcus Klein and Murales Kollektiv, Moe, StiCka DiCka and Nasca. The necessary partition walls and dais for hanging, setting up or placing the artworks were donated by a pro-bono society in the form of old pallets—their industrial character complementing the location. The society also served waffles, pastries and barbecued sausages in return for a donation.

Outlook for 2018

The largest of the condemned buildings has now been fully razed and the construction pit been filled in. The vast area thereby cleared is to be put to good use this year before the development of the new scheme starts in the fall. Activities will resume next spring, encouraging people to engage in urban gardening, outdoor sports and games or just hang out in seating areas. Starting in January, the old post office building will be opened to skateboarders from Spandau and surrounding areas. Also on the agenda are periodic shows and workshops.