8. June 2018


The sun is out, faces are aglow, and eyes sparkle with anticipation: On Friday, 08 June 2018, the Spandauer Ufer limited partnership invited the public to join it for a look back at the past year-and-a-half before looking forward at the years to come. In the former car wash, visitors were welcomed by Borough Mayor Helmut Kleebank and several committee members of the urban-planning workshop process of 2016. The press was also in attendance, as were potential project stakeholders, including technical planners, chartered surveyors and the project supervisors. Detailed insights were provided by architects and project managers who were on hand to answer visitor questions concerning planning, (structural) engineering, the construction road map and other subjects in a casual roundtable discussion. As a special highlight, the DGNB German Sustainable Building Council presented the managing directors of the project company with a pre-certificate in gold. This provisional, temporary certificate will be replaced with a final and permanent sustainability certificate after completion. This implies that Spandau will soon be home to one of the most sustainable urban quarters in Berlin. In the afternoon, visitors were admitted for the open house event. It coincided with the Havel Festival while the art society Neue urbane Welten (NuW) presented a so-called urban art walk, an open-air display of artwork, during the weekend.

For more details, go to the homepages of FAY Projects and merz objektbau.